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"I had the pleasure of working with LaToya of Westbrooks Consulting Group to register and trademark two businesses in the State of Florida! Not only did LaToya do a fantastic job, but she went above and beyond by educating me on the trademark process, presenting various routes to pursue and even provided me with banking and credit information! I would recommend WCG to any small or corporate business...LaToya's professionalism is superb, and her response time is out of this world!"

The Brand Loft, LLC | Photography & Brand Design | Orlando, Florida

“Westbrooks Consulting Group helped me streamline my end user focus and streamline processes to achieve my immediate business goals. Ms. Westbrooks was always gently pushing me to strive higher and bolder!! Loved my experience and hope to utilize her again when we get to the next level of growth.”

FabFarmer | Healthy Lifestyle Brand | Atlanta, Georgia

“I’ve been in business for over 8 years, so I thought I was doing perfectly fine with my company. Westbrooks Consulting Group helped me to realize that there is always room for improvement. Improving my systems (inventory management) was imperative to my business, so that was the first thing we tackled. WCG also helped us with our operations, time and attendance (over 30 employees), organizational skills and a trademark search. I’m so grateful for WCG!”

Bebe Ravi Collections Inc. | Women &Children’s Apparel | New York City & Nakuru, Kenya

“As a freelancer preparing to transition my services into a legitimate business, LaToya from Westbrooks Consulting Group has been extremely supportive and patient through the process. She has introduced me to business tools and procedures I did not know I needed! She is informative and simplifies the language so I can better understand how to launch my business — the right way!”

BritneyNichole.Co | Branding, Creative Writing Visual Stylist | Houston, Texas

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