The User Experience Research package is ideal for the start-up or large organization that wants to understand its users. At WCG, we are passionate about eliminating users' pain points and understanding their behavior in order to design sustainable, human-centered solutions. Before starting to build products, we conduct research to ensure that users' problems are worth solving. We use a variety of qualitative, quantitative and innovative research methods to help you reach your business goals. This package includes:


  • UX Research Advisory Calls

  • Designing a customized user research plan tailored to your company and/or product feature

  • Designing a participant screener, discussion guide and post-research surveys

  • Analyzing data (first-click studies, tree testing, A/B testing, conversions and drop-off rates) 

  • Conducting remote moderated  1:1 user interviews, usability testing, diary study or other qualitative research methods

  • Providing data driven insights and recommendations based on the user insights 

  • Determining if the product design or feature is effective through concept testing 


Cost: $1,500 - $10,000+


*The cost is based on the project scope, recruitment needs and duration of the research study. To learn more click here