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You’ve heard the saying, “Trust the process.” Every successful business has a clear and efficient process of procedures. With our Operations Support package, you can increase the revenue of your business by improving the operations and productivity of your business. When is the last time you re-evaluated and fine-tuned your business?


If you have been in business for at least a year or longer, reassessing your business process is necessary. With this package, WCG helps you identify and repair the cracks in your foundation so you can focus on building and growing your business.


  • Design a strategic process improvement plan for your business process

  • Design a seamless customer intake process from beginning to end

  • Introduce technology software customized to your industry to improve your workflow

  • Design a strategic plan to increase conversion and improve retention  ​

  • Improve your customer and user experience by incorporating feedback

  • Implement technology to automate your business and  prevent burn out 

  • Change the name of your business or re-register your entity

  • Convert to an alternative legal entity (ie: LLC to Incorporation) or Dissolution 

  • Create a procedure manual (ideal for a business with more than 5 employees)

Cost: $750

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