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The User Experience Research package is ideal for the start-up or large organization that wants to understand its users. At WCG, we are passionate about eliminating users' pain points and understanding their behavior in order to design sustainable, human-centered solutions. Prior to building new products or features, we conduct research to ensure that users' problems are worth solving. We use a variety of qualitative, quantitative and innovative research methods to help you reach your business goals. This package includes:


  • UX Research Advisory Calls

  • Designing a customized user research plan tailored to your product

  • Designing a participant screener, survey (s) or discussion guide for user interviews 

  • Analyzing user behavior (first-click studies, tree testing, conversions and drop-off rates, etc.) 

  • Conducting remote moderated user interviews, usability testing, diary studies and more

  • Uncovering if users are able to navigate through design flows and measure if it's a success or failure

  • Synthesizing complex research findings into clear and actionable reports, enabling stakeholders and leadership to make informed decisions that lead to product and business success.

Cost: $1,500 - $10,000+


*The cost is based on the project scope, recruitment needs and duration of the research study. To learn more click here

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